About Us

The AISE Fx Technique is based purely on artificial intelligence combined with client sentiment data to unleash some of the most powerful trades. All aspects are considered which include, but are not limited to News, fundamentals, technicals analysis IE price action, current world events and sentiment, retail trader sentiment and so much more. This concoction so to speak, propose a trade algorithm which puts it all together and simplifies the trading process.

Two things to take under consideration. We at Fx Wingman take all trades posted through our app and use this as our way or journaling our trades. It's your decision should you wish to follow along. The next most important detail to remember and consider is that we are consistent with how are trades are posted. We always post our trades between 6:30pm and 9:00PM EST time,unlike services on telegram and other sources where you have no idea when they are coming. You can literally plan your day and know that Fx Wingman has you covered.

All Statistics

It's all in one place. View our statistics in an instant from a number of trades taken, closed trades with profit, closed trades with loss, trades that are still open, total pips and points gained or lost. The statistics pages is like looking under the hood of the engine so to speak.

Trade Listing

Our trade listings page is always up to date. All new trades are posted between 6:45pm and 9:00pm EST each evening. Current and open trades are updated as we close them. The only two aspects which may lag for open trades is the DIT column (days in trade) and pips or points up or down. Those get updated on Saturday early morning and periodically throughout the week.

Flexible Plans

Whether you trade gold, silver, Eur/USD, usdjpy, wheat or corn we offer you a flexible range of plans to suit your needs. Try the entire array of plans for 14 straight days and after seeing the results for yourself sign up for the plan that best suits your trading style and risk appetite.

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